Questions & Answers....

Q: What is the shelf-life of your products?

The shelf-life of dehydrated products is infinite--as long as you can isolate them from moisture and oxygen. Because of the premium, clean, high-grade quality of our products, we have chosen to package them for daily use-rather than keeping them concealed in a can for years (this is usually a lower cost, lower grade product, designed for survival only--not taste). The suggested shelf-life of our premium products (opened or sealed) is 12-24 months. The reason the range is so broad is because of climate variations. Most customers can expect an even longer shelf-life for our products. This is assuming an average climate and original packaging. If you live in an excessively humid environment, or do not have a climate controlled house, storing the items in the refrigerator will reduce moisture and extend the life of the product. Our premium products are packaged for daily use or manufacturing use, and are not "survival grade" quality. However, because of the quality of our food, many users feel safer using them for their long-term storage needs as well. If repackaged in storage pails with oxygen absorbers, or resealed using a seal-a-meal type unit, you can extend the life of the product as much as those packaged in cans. Please be aware that high humidity and unstable room temperatures can decrease the shelf-life of dehydrated products and other food items, regardless of how they are sealed or the manufacturers claims.

Q: Are your products GMO?
A: All of our Vegetables, Fruits, and Beans are non-GMO.
Q: Do dehydrated products lose their nutritional value in processing?
A: Nutritive value is of primary concern these days, and many customers want to know about the food value of dehydrated vegetables versus fresh vegetables. You will be pleased to know that the nutritional content of dehydrated vegetables is nearly identical to that of fresh! The slow, air drying process preserves the nutrition while evaporating the water. Thus, you are left with concentrated nutrition pound for pound versus fresh. In fact, of all the food processing techniques available, dehydrated products maintain more of their nutrition than their frozen or canned counterparts. You can enjoy the longer shelf-life of dehydrated products, the convenience, and the taste without sacrificing the nutrition!
Q: How do I rehydrate your premium products? And how much product will it make when it is reconstituted?
A: After extensive, real kitchen testing, we have put together a chart that gives detailed information for this! The chart will not only give you the directions for how much water to add to each product, but will show you the final yield by volume OR by weight. You can download the chart here:
Q: Where can I find detailed nutritional information for the items you sell?

If you "click" on a product of interest, you will be able to see more details about the product (including pictures), and a brief description. At the end of the product description you will notice a "Nutritional Info" link. By selecting this link, you will be able to view a page with detailed nutritional information. 

Q: What does the Dry to Fresh ratio mean?
A: It simply shows the amount of dry product you will need to make the equivalent of the fresh. For example, if there is a 1:8 ratio, it means that 1 pound of dry product would reconstitute to 8 pounds of fresh product. Keep in mind that most dehydrated products are very light, and adding the water back to the product greatly increases the weight. For example, 1 gallon of water weighs over 8 pounds, while 1 gallon of dehydrated spinach weighs 12 ounces.
Q: What volume do your various containers hold?Are they BPA free?
A: We have four main sizes you will consistently find on our site:
1 . ZIP POUCH: Contains approximately 1 cup of product
2 . JAR: A plastic jar which contains 1 quart of product
3 . JUMBO JUG: A plastic jug which contains 1 gallon of product
4 . BULK BOX: A 12 x 12 x 12 box of product
Please note that our primary concern is to make sure you receive a full container of product--not just a half a can as some sellers supply. From time to time there may be slight variations in the actual product weight from the weight listed on the label. This is due to fluctuations in product density which varies from crop to crop. Please check the website listing for the most up-to-date product weight. And "YES," all of our containers are BPA free.
Q: How do you use dehydrated products?
A: We've prepared a basic primer in using dehydrated products for you to download. It will give you many tips & techniques for everyday cooking.
Q: How many servings are in each of your containers?
A: We've put together a Serving Size Chart for you to use in figuring out your needs. Seeing that individuals needs vary, this is only a guideline.
Q: Is your facility monitored for quality?
A: We are fully FDA inspected and approved. We recently received a complete FDA inspection with no deficiencies to correct, and a 100% approval rating. We continually strive to have an exceptionally clean facility.
Q: Are your products organic?
A: The process of becoming approved to make the "organic" claim is a lengthy one. If you have not completed the process, you cannot even label items as "organic" even if they are. While we are working through the process we can assure you that we sell ONLY the best ingredients in the marketplace today. No one can match our quality. ALSO, all our products are 3'rd party audited and tested and are guaranteed free from any heavy metals, chemicals, or pesticides.
Q: Are your products Gluten-free?
A: All of our Fruits, Vegetables, & Beans are Gluten-free! In addition, our Chickenish Chunks, Chickenish Bits, and Plain TVP are also Gluten-free. All equipment is carefully cleaned between processing, so there is no contamination.
Q: I found similar products priced cheaper. Will you match the competitions price?
A: Our focus is on QUALITY-- not price cutting. Although we will always seek to give you the best value for the money, we do not sell Grade B products. This is why we proudly display our products in clear bags and containers. We never "hide" our products in cans or colored bags where you don't know what the product looks like until you open it. Most people are happy to pay a little more to provide better quality for their family. Try the difference!
Q: Can I use your products for long-term storage, or my emergency supply kit?
A: Absolutely! However, due to the varied needs of individuals, and family sizes, you will want to repackage the items to your exact specifications. What most people do is buy the "Bulk Box" or "Jumbo Jug" size and repackage the product using a "Seal-a-Meal" type home vacuum sealer. Once sealed in this manner, the products will last for years.
Q: Have your products ever been recalled?
A: We have NEVER had a recall, and have only received glowing comments from FDA inspectors regarding our quality standards. We go above and beyond the standards for Good Manufacturing Practices as outlined for food packagers.
Q: I wish you sold a product I like that you are not currently selling.
A: If there is something you are interested in us selling, please e-mail us or give us a call. We always consider our customers preferences.
Q: What do other customers think of your products?
A: We thought you'd never ask! Our customers rave over our products. We consider our customers "family" and treat them as such. We have thousands of customers, and they keep coming back again and again.