Dehydrated Onion Flakes

Key Features Easy to store, use, and take along — healthy and 100% natural. Never cry again! Our delicious sweet onions can be used in numerous dishes; from casseroles, to stews, chili, and soup. With its mild flavor, it takes all the work out of preparation. Just add a small amount while you're cooking, and they'll plump up to be tender onion dices. After using our onions, you'll probably never peel another one again! Chopped air dried white onions. Excellent source of Iron and Vitamin C.
Size 8 mm X 8 mm
Moisture 8 % Maximum
Pack Size 33.07 Lbs (15 kg)
Shelf Life 18 months
Storage Cool & dry place
Common Uses Like many of our other air dried vegetables, these onions are often added to soups, stews, pizzas, chilies, casseroles, salsas, and salads.